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Six new Pemex discoveries announced

Between June and August, Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) has made six discoveries, one of which on is in shallow waters, two in conventional terrestrial fields and three in unconventional ones, reports la Comisión Nacional de Hidrocarburos (CNH).

The director of Dictámenes de Exploración de la CNH, Rodrigo Hernández Ordóñez, said that one of the findings on land is Ixachi-1001EXP located in the AE-0032-2M-Joachín allocation in the Veracruz basin, where there is gas and condensate of 41 degrees API.

He specified that the Quesqui-1EXP discovery, also in a land field, belongs to the assignment AE-0053-3M-Mezcalapa-03 in the Southeast Basin with gas and condensate of 41 degrees API.

The discovery in shallow waters was Tohkin-1AEXP, in assignment AE-0021-3M-Okom-04 in the Southeast Basin, where there is 43 API gas and oil.

While the unconventional discoveries, Maxochilt-1EXP, Kaneni-1EXP and Pankiwi-1EXP are located in assignment AE-0073-3M-Puchut-01, where there is gas and oil of 43, 36 and 48.6 API degrees, respectively.

Commissioner Alma América Porres Luna clarified that the discoveries are still being tested before they move on to an evaluation phase in order to know if there is sufficient evidence for early production.