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Six arrested in possible drug link to PDC murder of four

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Six people believed related to the murder of four others have been arrested on drug charges. Over the weekend, police made the arrests after locating 90 kilos of narcotics.

The SSP of Solidaridad said they believe the drug bust is related to the shooting of four family members last week in La Guadalupana.

“The operations implemented by the attack perpetuated in the La Guadalupana neighborhood on the night of January 19, led to the fact that Solidaridad Municipal Police seized approximately 90 kilos of narcotics,” they posted Saturday in a briefing.

The three men and three women were arrested Friday night from Las Torres residential neighborhood of Playa del Carmen. Those detained were identified as Josefa “N”, 49, Luis “N”, 28, Leydi “N”, 26, Jeremías “N”, 31, María “N”, 44 and Francisco “N”, 43.

They were picked up in an organized police operation after receiving a public tip.