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Seven high risk coronavirus areas defined for Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — State authorities have defined the high risk areas of Playa del Carmen, noting people circulating in these regions have a greater probability of becoming infected.

The high risk areas of Playa del Carmen have been identified, as they have in Cancun and Chetumal, with officials pointing out seven areas considered highly infectious. These areas, which have been established with high contagion percentages, include Avenida CTM, Avenida Constituyentes, Avenida Xel Ha, Avenida 30 norte with calle 36 Norte, 50 Avenida Sur with Avenida Benito Juárez, Avenida Chemuyil with Av Petempich and Avenida Kantenha with Avenida CTM.

Governor Carlos Joaquín González reminds residents that at this time, we are at the highest peak of the coronavirus epidemic curve.

“It is essential that we stay at home at this time and preventive measures are applied more strictly. We are at the highest part of the contagion curve and already have hope of a gradual exit in the first days of June,” he stressed.

Including a map of red areas, he added that “these are the high contagion areas in Playa del Carmen according to geo-referencing where the greatest number of reported cases of COVID-19 have occurred.”

These are the points of greatest contagion according to statistics, and where warning signs have also been placed around Playa del Carmen, he noted.

1.50 Avenida Sur y Avenida Benito Juárez
2.Calle 38 norte y 30 Avenida Norte
3.Avenida Constituyentes
4 Avenida Katenha y Avenida CTM
4.Avenida Chemuyil y Avenida Petempich
6.Avenida Hel-Ha
7.Avenida CTM