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Semi transporting fuel explodes after being hit by passing locomotive

Aguascalientes, Mexico — A semi driver who tried to beat a passing train to cross its tracks ended up in an explosion. The unit, which was carrying a load of fuel, exploded into a ball of flames after being hit by the passing locomotive.

The accident was reported in Aguascalientes that left three people injured. The Mayor of Aguascalientes, Leonardo Montañez, reported that around 1,500 people in homes and cars were evacuated from the area due to the mass fire.

Aguascalientes Governor Tere Jiménez posted on social networks “regarding the incident that occurred, I have issued precise instructions to the state security and civil protection corporations to provide the necessary support and work in coordination with the Municipio Ags.

“Safeguarding the integrity and heritage of citizens is our main objective. I will be attentive to any situation that arises,” she reported via Twitter.

Elements of Civil Protection, Municipal Police, Red Cross, Firefighters and the Army were sent to the site to contain the fire, evacuate people and report damage.

Motorists who were passing through the area at the time of the explosion experienced minutes of panic when they were stranded near the fiery track while the train passed. The massive plume of black smoke was visible for several kilometers.

Local Aguascalientes media had reported the tanker belonged to Pemex, however, Pemex issued a statement saying the unit was not one of theirs. “Regarding the fire caused by a collision between a semi and a train in the city of Aguascalientes, PEMEX reports that the truck is NOT our property.

“Regardless of the above, PEMEX supports with tank cars, foam and specialized personnel to control the incident.”

There was no official word on if the driver of the semi was killed in the explosion.