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San Diego pair arrested at Mexico border for transporting fentanyl

Garita Internacional de Otay, Tijuana — A shipment of approximately 26 kilos of fentanyl was secured by elements of the Mexican Army at the Otay International Port of Entry in Tijuana, Baja California.

The Ministry of Defense (Sedena) reported that the seizure occurred over the weekend during a routine inspection on a vehicle from San Diego, California. Various irregularities were detected in the trunk of the car, so a thorough review was carried out which led to the discovery of a cardboard box containing 26.23 kilos of fentanyl.

According to an appraisal made by the Secretaría de la Defensa de la Defensa (Sedena), the drug had an illegal market value of 244.9 million peso.

The two people inside the vehicle were arrested and, along with the box of drugs, placed at the disposal of the Federal Public Ministry.