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Salina Grande walkway of Isla Mujeres outfitted with 100 solar LED lights

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — The Municipal Government has installed new solar LED lights on the Salina Grande walkway in Isla Mujeres. Around 100 solar powered lights now light the way for nighttime users.

“The Municipal Government of Isla Mujeres delivered the public lighting work for the Salina Grande walkway, which included the installation of 100 luminaires with solar LED technology.

“With the lighting of the Salina Grande circuit, greater security is provided to island families and tourists who travel along the walkway. As well the urban image is improved since the project is part of a comprehensive package that also included reforestation, painting and rehabilitation of the wooden bridge and esplanade,” Ayuntamiento de Isla Mujeres said in a statement.

100 LED lights have been installed around the water walkway.

Isla Mujeres government added that 2024 will be historic for Isla Mujeres with the construction of public projects that will continue the transformation of the municipality into a better place for its residents and the thousands of tourists who visit daily.