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Risky billboards around Cancun removed after winds

Cancun, Q.R. — The city of Cancun has removed at least three large billboards after recent winds downed several. Mayor Ana Paty Peralta oversaw the removal of the selected billboards that were dismantled using large machinery.

Peralta says three overly large billboards were taken down on Luis Donaldo Colosio Boulevard and José López Portillo Avenue by municipal authorities “given that they represented a risk to citizens.”

Peralta was accompanied by other municipal authorities including the head of Civil Protection, Antonio Riveroll Ribbon who supervised the dismantling of one of the poles on Blvd. Colosio.

A wind-battered billboard is being dismantled by city officials. Photo: H. Ayuntamiento de Benito Juárez February 8, 2024.

“We have requested the support the Mexican Society of Structural Engineering who are the experts in structures to make an opinion in conjunction with Civil Protection and to know which ones represent a risk to the safety of the people of Cancun,” Peralta said.

Machinery was used to dismantle three large billboards deemed to be at risk of collapsing in strong winds.
Photo: H. Ayuntamiento de Benito Juárez February 8, 2024.

The billboards were removed after one similar such advertisement collapsed at its base last week during a day of extremely strong winds. The massive sign fell onto a passing motorist, crushing the vehicle.