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Rescue team continue searching for tourist who fell 120 meters into ravine

Tepoztlán, State of Morelos — State civil protection officials along with specialized mountaineers continue their search for a German tourist who has reportedly fell into a ravine.

The report was made Tuesday morning after a German man was said to have fallen into a ravine located in the Paso del Viento in Tepozteco. State civil protection of the state of Morelos say that the man has been identified as 37-year-old Jonás N who allegedly fell approximately 120 meters off a mountain face and into a ravine.

In a statement, the agency explained that staff of civil protection have been searching for the man since Tuesday, adding that their search has been supported by a state Commission of Public Safety helicopter and drone.

Rescue and medical emergency squadron officials along with the Red Cross and Civil Protection of the municipality continue to scour the area on foot. Mountaineering experts are also participating in the search due to the geographic conditions.

State officials say they do not know why the man was near the ravine since it is a restricted area.