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Puerto Aventuras federal highway protest over land dispossession, corruption and development

Puerto Aventuras, Q.R. — A group of environmentalists and activists partially blocked a section of federal highway outside Puerto Aventuras Friday. The group arrived with large banners around 7:00 a.m. accusing local authorities of corruption and dispossession.

The group were there in support of a local Mayan man who they say had 40 hectares of land taken from him for the construction of a residential development. On their signs, the group accused authorities by name for the dispossession of the land and the corruption they say was behind it.

 The angry group were showing their support for the indigenous land owner Roberto “C” while also saying the lands should be given to the Mayans and not the Spanish, which was made in reference to the development company.

Motorists passing through their blockade were handed informative flyers on the issue they were protesting in hopes locals understand the negative impact of all the development.