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Profepa shuts down illegal PDC hotel beach construction

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Profepa has closed an illegal central Playa del Carmen beachfront construction project. On Thursday, María de Lourdes Várgues Ocampo, municipal director of PDC Zofemat, reported that after weeks of omission, the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) closed the illegal project on El Recodo beach.

The project, which consisted of of installation of wooden poles outside the Wyndham Alltra Hotel, was closed after being reported by Zofemat. The hotel had been constructing the project for around three weeks before it was finally shut down.

The project was shut down by Profepa after the hotel failed to provide the necessary building permits to Zofemat. Personnel from Zofemat then filed a complaint with Profepa, who closed the illegal construction project.

“They continued to move forward in their project to the point that they placed mesh. We knew that they wanted to make a kind of boardwalk, which is a delicate issue, and not having any permission from Semarnat, we informed the corresponding authorities,” explained Ocampo.

“One of our faculties as Zofemat is the protection and conservation of the coastal zone, and for this reason, we have to notify Profepa when a project is being done without the corresponding permits,” she said.

“Our function is more than collecting sargassum. Any work being carried out without environmental authorization in the coastal zone or any irregular movement we report to Semarnat and Profepa,” she added.