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Private car victim of Riviera Maya highway hit and run

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — Two people from inside a car that was the victim of a hit and run were lucky to walk away. On Monday, two men were traveling south on the federal highway when their car was struck by a industrial truck.

According to the men, the driver of a dump truck was attempting a highway U-turn at Paamul and failed to stop for oncoming traffic. The large truck hit the front of their car, sending them off the highway. The driver of the dump truck kept going.

Highway authorities found the front end of the private car destroyed. A few meters away they located the car’s license plate, which was knocked free in the hit. Debris littered the road around the accident site.

Other motorists stopped to help the men whose car was pushed back-end first into highway vegetation. Police did search for the dump truck but were unable to find it.