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Polish man arrested for climbing Kukulcán pyramid clobbered with stick by angry visitor

Chichén Itzá, Yucatan — A Polish who was man arrested for climbing Kukulcán pyramid was clobbered in the head with stick by angry visitor. The Polish man was handed over to Yucatan police Saturday after climbing the Kukulcán pyramid of Chichén Itzá.

The 30-something year old was escorted down the stairs by two guards after he was seen making his way to the top of the Kukulcán pyramid. The Kukulcán pyramid is the most popular site inside the archaeological zone. He was approximately half way up by the time security guards reached him for a private escort back to the bottom.

A man wielding a meter-long stick clobbered the man as he was being escorted away from the pyramid.

As he was being escorted off the property to waiting police, he was struck on the top of his head by a long stick. A man, who appeared to also be a visitor to the site, was in possession of a meter-long stick that he used to hit the man on his head with.

There was no comment from the INAH regarding the weekend incident of the man who climbed the pyramid or the man who hit him with the stick.