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Police warn drivers of breathalyzer check stops during the holidays

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — Municipal Police around the state are reminding drivers about the dangers of drinking and driving. Major roadways are being monitored by police with breathalyzer check stops.

Cities such as Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Cozumel have breathalyzer check stops in place along busy roadways as well as in some residential areas.

Cozumel Traffic Commander Aníbal Gómez May, says the check stops are in place to guarantee the safety of drivers during the holiday season.

Gómez May explained that random filters will be set up on various avenues and in neighborhoods for the detection of people who drive under the influence of alcohol.

Breathalyzer tests will be used to verify the level of alcohol in drivers, thus contributing to preventing accidents and safeguarding lives, he said.

In Cancun, the Director of Municipal Transit, Ezequiel Segovia Góngora is also warning drivers about driving under the influence. He says in Cancun, fines are high and impaired drivers are likely to find themselves jailed for the night.

Check stops are being set up to detect drunk drivers. Photo: Policia Cozumel December 23, 2023.

“If the person is not excessively intoxicated and able to get home, they are only charged for the violation and the vehicle is detained, however, if their alcohol level is very high, they will be transferred to jail,” he explained.