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Pemex pipeline explodes due to clandestine intake

Nopala, Hidalgo — A Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) pipeline exploded in the municipality of Nopala after huachicoleros are alleged to have tapped the line to steal gasoline.

According to data from the Hidalgo Security Secretariat, the fire began around 4:00 a.m. Tuesday at the point known as Loma de Progreso, after area neighbors reported the explosion.

The loud bang of erupting pipeline was followed by a column of fire more than 10 meters high. Emergency personnel attending to the report confirmed the fire was caused due to a clandestine intake.

Pemex was then alerted of the situation, who in turn, cut off the line. Once flames were out, authorities located two burned-out trucks at the scene. One was a pickup truck and the other, a van. Both were found with fuel theft material inside.

There were no arrests or injuries reported. The area remains cordoned off by elements of the National Guard.