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Owner of Cancun addiction treatment clinic facing charges of rape

Cancun, Q.R. — Police in Cancun have charged the owner of an addiction treatment clinic with rape. Jafeth Julián “N”, the owner of an addiction clinic in SM 77 was taken into custody last week after a search operation of his facility.

During the search operation, 20 people from inside were removed from the facility and returned to their families. Police say of the 20 people inside, 17 were men, two were women and one a minor female.

Late last week, Jafeth Julián “N” was taken into custody from Kabah Avenue in SM 21 on an arrest warrant issued by a Cancun judge. He has since been charged.

In a statement, the State Attorney General’s Office said Jafeth Julián “N” has been charged “for his alleged participation in the commission of acts that could constitute the crime of rape to the detriment of a victim whose identity is withheld.”

Prior to his capture, a search warrant was completed by elements of the Special Prosecutor’s Office in Combating Sexual Crimes, the Secretary of the Navy, National Guard and Municipal Police, derived from an investigation for events that could be constitutive of the crimes of pedophilia, rape and whatever results, in a property from which they rescued 20 people, the FGE reported.

“In said place located in the Corales subdivision of Supermanzana 77, an apparent addiction prevention and treatment clinic operated where some of the rescued people are alleged victims of rape by the owner of the establishment.”

The FGE shut the clinic after removing 20 patients.
Photo: FGE January 1, 2023.

After collecting various testimonies from the victims, the judge released the search warrant and subsequent arrest warrant against Jafeth Julián “N”, which was completed.

The FGE said that the 20 people rescued were “patients of the supposed clinic.”