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National tourist rescued from near drowning off Tulum beach

Tulum, Q.R. — A swimmer spotted floating in the sea off a Tulum beach Saturday remains in hospital. The 33-year-old man who is reported to be a national tourist, was rushed to hospital Saturday evening after a near drowning.

According to Tulum Civil Protectioin, paramedics from the Tulum Fire Department responded to the report of a floating body. At the scene, 33-year-old C.H. from Hidalgo was resuscitated and placed on a stretcher for hospital transfer.

Civil Protection did not provide a status update on the condition of the man.

In their report, the Dirección General de Proteccion Civil y Bomberos Tulum said “the General Directorate of Civil Protection, through rescuers from the Tulum Fire Department, rescued a national tourist Saturday afternoon. He was reported floating off a beach of Tulum.

“The rescue techniques allowed us to safeguard the male with the initials C.H, 33 years old, from Hidalgo, who was later transferred to the Costamed clinic.

Paramedics from the Tulum Fire Department were able to revive for a hospital transfer.
Photo: Dirección General de Proteccion Civil y Bomberos Tulum March 23, 2024.

“Civil Protection and the Fire Department urges tourists to be extremely careful when entering the beach area and respect preventive instructions.”