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National Guard locates cocaine on Cancun Hotel Zone beach after anonymous report

Cancun, Q.R. — A Cancun resident walking a Hotel Zone beach Saturday stumbled upon a brick of cocaine. National Guard personnel, in coordination with elements of the Mexican Army, responded to the report of the citizen find.

The brick of cocaine was found washed up with sargassum on a beach of the Cancun Hotel Zone Saturday. Since the discovery was called in anonymously, National Guard began their search for the package near Playa Blanca.

During their ground beach search, they eventually located the plastic wrapped brick of cocaine in washed up seaweed.

“The package was secured and made available to the Federal Public Ministry Agency in the entity,” they reported.

Approximately 200 bricks of cocaine have been found during the month of August washed up on various Quintana Roo beaches. The largest single find was in March on a Cozumel beach where 65 kilos of washed up cocaine was found.

In July, two dozen bricks were found washed up on a beach in Puerto Morelos.