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More than 400 illegal migrants found abandoned by traffickers on Veracruz highway

Veracruz, Mexico — More than 400 illegal migrants were found by state authorities after being abandoned by their traffickers. The 407 migrants were found stuffed into three tourists buses left on a Veracruz highway Thursday night.

In a statement, the INM (National Migration Institute) said the three buses were found on the Minatitlán-Acayucan highway in Veracruz. Inside the buses were 407 illegal people.

The 407 people found onboard the three buses were from seven Central, South American and Caribbean countries. Of the 264 adults traveling alone, 12 were from Cuba, four the Dominican Republic, 27 from Ecuador, 187 from Guatemala, 7 were from Honduras, 21, El Salvador and six from Nicaragua.

INM (Instituto Nacional de Migración) personnel transported a pregnant woman from Honduras along with her minor daughter, a man and another person from Ecuador, to the Cosoleacaque General Hospital.

More than 400 people were found abandoned in three tourists buses. Photo: INM

The illegal migrants were transferred to the Acayucan immigration station.

They were abandoned by their traffickers on a Veracruz highway. Photo: INM

Meanwhile, family units, as well as the unaccompanied minors were transferred to the shelter of the municipal “Grow, Trust and Wait” System for the Comprehensive Family Development (DIF).