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Mexico issues arrest warrants against former secretary of public security being tried in US

Mexico City, Mexico — Mexico has issued two arrest warrants against Genaro García Luna, who is the former Secretary of Federal Public Security. In a statement from the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) the two arrest warrants are for crimes committed in Mexico.

The agency said that the charges in Mexico are not related to the trial Garcia Luna is currently facing in the United States.

The first arrest warrant is related to the participation of Genaro “G”, in the case of the illegal introduction of weapons in an operation called “Fast and Furious”. In this matter, the weapons that the Mexican authorities, at the time, allowed to enter illegally, have caused a large number of deaths and irreparable damage to justice.

“The second arrest warrant in Mexico against Genaro “G” corresponds to the CEFERESOS case (privatized federal prisons), in which the participation of said person was essential to generate immense patrimonial damage and a series of criminal responsibilities in this regard,” they said in their statement.

According to the FGR, there are two other ongoing investigations against Genaro García Luna and the request for a third arrest warrant.

In their statement, the Prosecutor’s Office said that efforts continue before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and American authorities to obtain the extradition of Genaro “G”.

Earlier this month, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said the United States should return reclaimed money in the Garcia Luna case to Mexico. He said that Mexico will insist, before U.S. authorities, that any resources recovered from Genaro Garcia Luna, the former Federal Secretary of Public Security, be returned to the country.