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Mexico hands over wanted drug lord to US authorities

Mexico City, Mexico — The Office of the Attorney General of the Republic of Mexico reported the extradition of an alleged member of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel.

The man has been identified as Raúl Flores Hernández. He was extradited to the United States Sunday for a variety of drug-related crimes.

Flores Hernández, identified by the United States government as an important drug trafficker at the level of Joaquín “el Chapo” Guzmán, was detained by Mexican authorities on July 20, 2017 in Zapopan, Jalisco. He was later transferred to a Mexico City prison by order of a judge.

Since then, Flores Hernández had filed several injunctions to delay his extradition.

In August of 2017, the US government imposed sanctions on the Mexican soccer player Rafael Márquez and the singer Julión Álvarez, whom it accused of being “front men” for Flores Hernández along with 20 other Mexican nationals and 43 companies in the framework of research carried out over several years.

The Prosecutor’s Office indicated that in compliance with the Extradition Treaty signed between Mexico and the United States, “a man of Mexican nationality required by the Federal District Court for the District of Columbia was extradited to the government of that country.”

In their report, they say Raúl F is “likely responsible for negotiating and trafficking large amounts of cocaine with various Mexican criminal groups, in addition to maintaining supply sources in Colombia and controlling shipping routes from Mexico to the United States.”

The extradition took place at the International Airport of Toluca, to the designated US agents for his transfer to Houston, Texas and later, to Los Angeles, California.