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Mexico extradites Polish national on charges of supplying European countries with cocaine

Mexico City, Mexico — The Government of Mexico granted the extradition of a man wanted in Poland on drug and criminal association charges. On Tuesday, the State Attorney of the Republic (FGR) reported on the extradition of Tomasz “K” who was wanted in the city of Bydgoszcz.

“In compliance with the International Extradition Law and the Principle of International Reciprocity, the FGR extradited to the government of Poland a person of Polish nationality required by the Regional Court of Bydgoszcz for criminal association and drug charges,” they reported.

According to their report, between 2011 and 2013, Tomasz “K” was involved with a criminal group that supplied, exported and transported cocaine across the borders of various countries located in Europe.

“The defendant was dedicated to recruiting personnel for the transportation of drugs and was in charge of making the financial arrangements of the organization,” they added.

Tomasz “K” was detained in Zapopan, Jalisco in March 2023, and held for extradition purposes. He was returned to his home country of Poland Tuesday to face charges. He was made available to agents from the Republic of Poland at the Mexico City International Airport for his transfer to Poland.

The FGR did not specify if Tomasz “K” was involved with a Mexican criminal organization or if he was involved with a criminal group in Poland and fled to Mexico.