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Mexico and Canada celebrate 50 years of the Temporary Agricultural Workers Program

Mexico City, Mexico — The Ministry of Foreign Affairs celebrates 50 years and the placement of 500,000 temporary agricultural workers in Canada through the Temporary Agricultural Workers Program (PTAT).

The Mexico-Canada Temporary Agricultural Workers Program (PTAT), run by the National Employment Service (SNE) of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (STPS), turns 50.

Marath Bolaños López, head of the STPS, says during its 50 years, more than 504,000 agricultural workers have been placed in Canada through the program. On Tuesday, another 118 agricultural workers from 24 Mexican states were sent to Canada to work.

Bolaños López says Mexico’s agriculture workers fill work contracts for the provinces of Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia.

“We recognize the great contribution that all our workers have in other parts of the world, particularly in the United States and Canada, which is why the value and wealth that you contribute to the two nations,” she said.

The head of the North American Unit, Roberto Velasco, conveyed greetings from Foreign Minister Alicia Bárcena Ibarra and pointed out that through the PTAT half a million Mexican people have been allowed to go to Canada to work.

More than 504,000 Mexicans have been sent to work in Canada over the program’s 50 years. Photo: SRE February 13, 2024.

“They are people who exemplify work, their work is very important, they are a fundamental part of the livelihood of the Canadian people, in addition to creating success stories for many families in Mexico,” he stressed.

The ambassador of Canada in Mexico, Graeme C. Clark, the head of the North American Unit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Roberto Velasco Álvarez. the Undersecretary of Employment and Labor Productivity of the STPS, Quia Chávez Domínguez and the head of the National Employment Service Unit, Donaciano Domínguez participated in the 50th celebration.

Mexican workers leave their families to work in Canada. Photo: SRE February 13, 2024.

During 2024, nearly 27,000 Mexican workers placed around Canada. To date, 3,200 have already been place, and in the coming weeks another 5,000 will leave for Canada.