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Mexican officials meet with Canada, U.S., Colombia at Cancun C5 Centre

Cancun, Q.R. — A highly anticipated meeting between North American officials finally took place on Friday. The meeting between Mexico, Canada, Colombia and U.S. intelligence officials was held at the C5 Command Centre in Cancun.

Mexican officials received U.S. FBI and DEA officials as well as Canadian and Colombian police. A very discrete police presence was noted outside the building as officials arrived in private vans.

The meeting, which was at least two hours long, also included awards in conjunction with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), to nine agents of the Attorney General’s Anti-kidnapping Division.

On Thursday, the general coordinator of the Communication of the State Government, Fernando Mora, explained that this meeting is one of several that have been held periodically within the Bicentennial Agreement.

These meetings, he stated, serves to exchange information and agree on training, adding that Quintana Roo state authorities have also gone to the United States in the past.

Mora said that in the recent shooting at Xcaret Hotel, it was Canadian authorities who shared the intelligence files on those involved. It is believed that the recent meeting was in relation to an information exchange regarding those involved in that hotel shooting.