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Mexican fugitive from American justice returned to face charges in California

Mexico City, Mexico — A fugitive from the American justice system has been returned to the U.S. to face charges.

In compliance with the Extradition Treaty signed between Mexico and the United States, the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) extradited a fugitive of Mexican nationality required by the Superior Court of the State of California.

On Saturday, Antonio “F” was handed over to U.S. marshals for the 2019 murder of his then-girlfriend. According to a statement by the FGR (Fiscalía General de la República), Antonio “F” was wanted in San Joaquín County for the crime of homicide.

“In June 2019, Antonio “F” stabbed his girlfriend with a knife causing her death,” they reported.

Antonio “F” was detained in Chignahuapan, Puebla, and held for U.S. extradition purposes. He was delivered to U.S. authorities Saturday morning from the Mexico City International Airport from where he was returned to California to face charges.