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Mexican Customs stop van with $198,000 USD cash

Tijuana, Baja California — National Guard in an effort with the National Customs Agency of Mexico arrested a traveler carrying $198,000 USD in cash. The arrest was made in compliance with the National Public Security Strategy and the Zero Impunity Policy of the federal government of Mexico.

Members of the National Guard reported detaining a person who intended to enter the country with more than $198,000 USD in cash without declaring it.

During surveillance and crime prevention inspections at the Tijuana customs office at the El Chaparral checkpoint, elements from both institutions saw a van coming from the United States. The driver of the van received a green light at the tax traffic light meaning it was free of a customs review, however, it was pulled over due to tinted windows.

During a preventive inspection, members of the institutions searched the van and located a black suitcase that contained wads of bills of different denominations, accounting for $198,690 USD which, according to the exchange rate, amount to more than 3.4 million pesos.

The cash did not have an official tax declaration approved by the Tax Administration Service (SAT) as established in Article 9 of the Customs Law. The driver was arrested and the cash seized “to eradicate corruption and tax evasion,” the Guardia Nacional reported in a statement.