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Mexican among those arrested in Guatemala drug bust

Guatemala — A Mexican national has been arrested by Guatemala police after a confrontation with security forces in the country. The man, Joel Amaya Hoeflich, was arrested in Guatemala after he tried to rescue cocaine being transported in a plane that ended up crashed in Retalhuleu.

Amaya Joeflich, a Mexican national, received a leg injury after an alleged shooting confrontation between Guatamalan authorities for which he was transferred to the National Hospital of Coatepeque, Quetzaltenango. According to the Guatemalan Public Ministry, Joeflich was in the company of 24-year-old Colombian Nicolás Santiago Cruz Arango, 24 years old, as well as 27-year-old Audias Jonathan Trinidad Pineda, who died in the shootout.

According to Guatamalan press, the aircraft made a forced landing in the village of El Chico, Retalhuleu, in the southwestern part of Guatemala around dawn on November 9.

“After the inspection, a total of 1,28 packages of alleged cocaine was found inside the aircraft along with $6,000 USD and 59,000 Colombian pesos, technological indications that were documented and packed by DICRI and transferred to a safe place,” indicated the Guatemalan MP.

The aircraft that crash landed in Guatemala had originated from Venezuela.