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Marina tows boat and crew to Costa Maya port after engine failure leaves them adrift

Costa Maya, Q. R. — The Secretary of the Navy reported the successful rescue of a vessel off the southern coast of Quintana Roo Friday. The Secretary of the Navy, acting as Coast Guard, carried out a rescue operation that involved a fishing boat and three tourists.

Boat Wanderlust was reported adrift after its engine failed Friday afternoon. Marina personnel set out in search of the drifting vessel. The boat was located approximately three nautical miles east of Punta Herrero.

The rescue was coordinated by the Ninth Naval Region and the Seventeenth Naval Zone after receiving an emergency call in the Command Room of the Seventeenth Naval Zone.

A call for assistance was made reporting three crew members on board boat Wanderlust who had lost propulsion. The boat was successfully towed to a port in Costa Maya.

“In response to the emergency, a Defender-type vessel from the Maritime Search, Rescue and Surveillance Station (ENSAR) of Chetumal was deployed.

Fishing vessel Wanderlust was towed to a Coast Maya port by Marina personnel. Photo: Secretary of the Navy April 12, 2024.

“The vessel managed to quickly locate the drifting boat and confirm that all the crew were in good health. The rescue team provided the necessary support, towing the boat to a safe port in Punta Pájaros, thus guaranteeing the safety of the tourists,” the Secretary reported in a statement.