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LP tank explodes while Bacalar driver transporting units

Bacalar, Q.R. — The driver of a gas company vehicle got the scare of his life when a gas tank exploded while being transported. The explosion happened Friday afternoon along a dirt roadway when the gas truck was on its way to a delivery.

Firemen who attended to the fire said the tank likely exploded due to friction from not being properly secured. The driver of the unit tried to put the fire out on his own, however, Emergency 911 was called.

Firemen responding to the call were able to extinguish flames, which were excessive since the LP explosion also caught the truck on fire. The intensity of the explosion left the roof of the truck bed folded. The driver of the unit received only minor burn injuries to one of his arms while trying to put out flames, but was still transported to IMSS for treatment.

According to the unidentified delivery driver, he was transporting approximately 15 gas tanks at the time of the explosion. Firemen were able to prevent the other tanks from exploding. The company truck was a complete write-off.