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Long lines form around public bus stops as Cancun residents participate in ‘a day without a taxi’

Cancun, Q.R. — Long lines at public bus stops were seen around Cancun Friday in support of a day of not using taxis. On Friday, thousands of Cancun residents boycotted Cancun taxis for a day in protest of the recent hostility toward Uber drivers.

Instead of using a taxi, residents took public transportation, which lead to the more popular routes generating long lines. Despite the rain, thousands participated in the “UnDíaSinTaxi” or “one day without a taxi” campaign. Some participated to show their support for Uber, while others participated to simply protest the ongoing hostility by the taxi drivers.

The UnDiaSinTaxi was organized by several online social media groups earlier in the week after the hostility heightened to include a U.S. travel warning for the state of Quintana Roo.