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Kids playing with firecrackers catch Cozumel park on fire

Cozumel, Q.R. — Firemen were at the scene of a park fire Wednesday that was reportedly started by fireworks. A group of kids playing in the children’s park in the Altamar neighborhood of Cozumel are alleged to have started the blaze.

Flames quickly spread through the synthetic grass they were playing on after lighting a small firecracker. Area residents surrounding the park say the kids lit the firecracker then tossed it onto an old mattress that began to burn.

Thick black smoke rose from the area that quickly spread due to wind gusts. Along the way, the fire consumed several objects including a small play palapa.

Cozumel firemen are seen here putting out the afternoon park fire. Photo: January 3, 2024.

Surrounding park residents alerted city authorities to the blaze. At least four firemen were at the scene Wednesday afternoon where they spent nearly an hour. There were no injuries reported. There is no word on charges, if any, to city property.