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Kantunilkin landfill shut by Profepa inspectors

Kantunilkin, Lázaro Cárdenas — The landfill in the town of Kantunilkin has been closed by Federal Environmental inspectors. On Tuesday, inspectors from Profepa proceeded to close the landfill after the City Council of Lázaro Cárdenas is alleged to have not complied with the state’s final disposal procedures.

The site was shut down after an inspection found wastewater in one of the sanitary cells. The Profepa report alleged the failure of the City Council to comply with the legal procedure for solid waste disposal and for a lack of site studies.

The City Council has been given 15 business days to correct the problem, which also includes the construction of a perimeter fence around the landfill.

Last month, a garbage concession for Holbox was granted to two joint companies that would see the island’s garbage transferred to the Kantunilkín site.