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Judicial employee of Puerto Morelos loses job for faking Cancun hotel day pass

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — A municipal employee of Puerto Morelos has been relieved of his duties after he was found using a counterfeit day pass at a Cancun hotel.

The dismissal stems from an incident earlier this week when 34-year-old José Miguel Méndez Mena and a friend, 19-year-old Carlos Gilberto H. were removed from the Riu Hotel by staff after being caught with a fake day pass bracelet. During their removal, Méndez Mena allegedly became aggressive, which is when police were involved.

From that incident, the director of Jurídico del Ayuntamiento of Puerto Morelos, Efraín Martín Rosado Yam, says that Méndez Mena was separated from his position as la Dirección de Juzgados Calificadores y del Centro de Retención Municipal de Puerto Morelos.

The dismissal, he says, is due to being involved in days spent at the hotel with fake passes and for altering public order.

“Those of us who are part of the municipal government of Puerto Morelos adhere to the Code of Ethics of Public Servants and the Code of Conduct, which governs our behavior before society,” said the official.

Rosado Yam says it is unacceptable and shameful that someone, who is part of the municipal administration, is involved in a criminal act or an act of corruption, so zero tolerance will apply.

“The government of Puerto Morelos will not be complicit and, again, will not tolerate those who, from their position, seek to obtain some personal benefit or call into question everything for which we have worked in this administration,” he said.