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Israeli men heading to Germany busted for cocaine possession in Mexico City Airport

Mexico City, Mexico — Two men from Israel remain in a Mexico City jail after airport authorities found blocks of cocaine in their luggage. A total of 17.2 kilos of powered cocaine was found in the false bottom of two suitcases.

The travelers were arrested from inside the Mexico City International Airport (AICM) during the early hours of February 15. In the documented luggage inspection, personnel identified two suitcases with organic material which initiated a manual inspection.

Through a statement, the AICM said that the suitcases were sent to the physical inspection point in the presence of two people who identified themselves as the owners.

Those involved were originally from Israel and said they were traveling to Frankfurt, Germany. In a statement February 16, the AICM reported “the suitcases had a double bottom where 10 packages were found in one and another nine found in the other.

“The wrappers were of various weights and sizes and contained a white powder with characteristics similar to those of cocaine. Authorities applied mass spectrometry tests with specialized equipment (MicroPhazir) for the detection of chemical substances, obtaining positive results for cocaine.”