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INM finds 5,688 migrants from 36 countries in four days

Mexico City, Mexico — The National Migration Institute (INM) reported that they have intercepted 5,688 foreign migrants during the last four days. In a statement, the agency reported that the migrants are from 36 countries and were found to be in Mexico illegally.

The Instituto Nacional de Migración (INM) said they were located between April 21 and 24 in safe houses, trailer boxes, cattle trailers or hidden in overcrowded bus compartments or truck cabins, without ventilation, food or water.

Others were found walking in the desert, the mountains or along highways after being robbed, injured or abandoned by supposed ‘guides’ or ‘polleros’ in their attempt to reach the U.S. border.

The INM pointed out that of the 5,688 insured migrants, 3,645 are men and women of legal age who traveled alone and that 1,163 of them were adults accompanying 680 minors. Another 200 were unaccompanied children.

The largest illegal migrant figures were people from Honduras with INM locating 1,060 followed by migrants from Cuba (942), Guatemala (906), Nicaragua (629), El Salvador (474), Colombia (469), Venezuela (395), Peru (153), Ecuador (112) and Haiti (91).

Other migrants found traveling or in small groups made up of one to eight people were noted from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belize, Uganda, Serbia, Mali, Argentina, Nigeria, Bolivia, France, Costa Rica, Egypt, Bolivia, Armenia Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Tajikistan, Nepal, Ivory Coast, Kazakhstan, Romania, Eritrea, Panama, China, Yemen, Chile, Pakistan, Ghana, Hungary, Somalia, Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan, and Azerbaijan.