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INM allegedly force-resigns 68 officers

Chetumal, Q.R. — Dozens of INM officers in Chetumal were reportedly forced to sign resignation papers after being confined inside the building.

A total of 68 officers with the Instituto Nacional de Migración (INM) were held inside the building in the state’s capital city of Chetumal Friday until they signed documents of notification due to, what officers have quoted, was for a “loss of confidence”.

Those who were part of the signing ranged in seniority from five to 10 years of service and were reportedly summoned to a meeting, which is where they were asked to sign their resignation. Some INM officers who were unable to attend the meeting were outside the building being filled in via messages by fellow coworkers from inside.

According to those affected, they were summoned to a meeting at 12:30 p.m. and were prohibited from leaving the INM office until documents were signed. Those who refused to sign were allegedly fired.

An IMN delegate, Aracely Ramírez, arrived at the office to explain that there was a loss of confidence due to various irregularities in the performance of duties.

Employees argue that the “loss of confidence” is a strategy to dispose of their services without compensating them since some have up to 10 years with INM.

According to the state’s coordinator Arturo Abreu Marín, there will be a substantial reduction in the federal level of trustworthy personnel to concentrate the 73 delegations that exist in Quintana Roo in 24 units.

A similar situation occurred in December at the Playa del Carmen SAT office when employees were held inside offices until resignation documents were signed. Police became involved when employees called them to be let out of the offices.