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Human trafficker captured in Cancun sentenced to more than five years

Mexico City, Mexico — A man captured in Cancun in 2020 has been found guilty of human trafficking. On Tuesday, a State of Mexico judge convicted Raúl “H” for a human trafficking event that took place in 2017.

Raúl “H” was on the run for several years and finally captured in the city of Cancun in March of 2020. He was returned to the State of Mexico to face charges. According to the FGR (State Attorney of the Republic), a judge found Raúl “H” guilty of “organized crime with the purpose of committing human trafficking.”

In 2017, Raúl “H” participated in the trafficking of a migrant of Cuban origin,” the FGR reported. “In March 2020, Raúl “H” was arrested in Cancun, Quintana Roo, after completing an arrest warrant for the crime in question,” they added.

The Specialized Prosecutor for Organized Crime obtained a sentence of five years and four months. “As a result of the abbreviated procedure hearing filed before the Federal Criminal Justice Center in the State of Mexico based in Altiplano, a sentence was handed down of five years four months in prison for Raúl “H”.”