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Health authorities report beginning of downward covid-19 trend across the country

Mexico City, Mexico — The Undersecretary of Health has reported the beginning of a downward change in the trend of covid-19 cases across the country. Hugo López-Gatell said that at the beginning of epidemiological week four of the New Year, “a change in the trend is already beginning to be seen,” he said referring to active cases.

He said that the noted trend “could be the beginning of the reduction in infections.” The Undersecretary of Prevention and Health added that “at the start of week number 4, we are seeing an increase of only 12 percent, which is a very substantial change.”

He explained that the change of trend certainly reduces the number or percentage of estimated cases that are active to 5.9 percent. He pointed out that rapid changes were recorded during the first three weeks of the year due to the presence of the omicron variant.

López-Gatell stressed that the figures should be used with caution “but if it continues, it could be the beginning of a change in the growth trend, therefore, the speed of growth of the epidemic is reduced.”

He said that the omicron variant spreads rapidly and causes a greater number of cases, but they are not serious cases since it produces a milder disease, which, when combined with the vaccination of people, allows for a less intense epidemic.

“A high proportion of people who have been vaccinated certainly allows for a much more manageable epidemic, never desirable, but much more manageable and will eventually cause immunity in a large proportion of people, which could eventually contribute to the end of the epidemic period, not only in Mexico, but in the world,” he said.