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Governor hints at possibility of eliminating mouth masks

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — With the official announcement of no more epidemiological lights for Mexico, Governor Carlos Joaquín hinted about the possible elimination of mouth masks.

Joaquin said that the elimination of the mouth mask is one of his most-asked questions. To that, he said that the state is still waiting for covid-19 infection figures from the Easter season.

“We must bear in mind that during the last two years, after each of the vacation periods, we had outbreaks which led the state into a crisis,” he said noting that the state hosted more than 1.1 million visitors in the last two weeks.

He hinted that the elimination of the mouth mask, along with other preventative measures, may take place similar to other states like Nuevo Leon and Coahuila, two states that have eliminated their use.

During a television interview, Joaquin said it will likely be another week or two before those Easter covid-19 figures are tallied and released.

“Depending on the results, decisions will be made regarding the forecast measures we have. Some positive cases that occur have to do with people who are not vaccinated,” he said adding that the state is going to begin a fourth dose booster for older adults.

He also said that it has been eight weeks that the entire state has remained with a green epidemiological light with zero deaths, no intubation and minimal rates of infection. On Monday, federal health officials announced an end to the epidemiological light for Mexico, saying the country is nearing the end of the epidemic.