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Government to build alternative Puerto Morelos road to transport stone arriving from Cuba

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — A road will be built in the municipality of Puerto Morelos to accommodate the arrival of shiploads of stone from Cuba. Armando Lara Denigris, the Secretary of Ecology and Urban Development, says the stone will be arriving from Cuba by boat.

The unloading of the material and its subsequent transfer through hundreds of cargo trucks will be done from a Puerto Morelos dock and, for the time being, transferred via avenida José María Morelos.

He says Sedetus is currently working on the permits for an alternative road, but until then, the stone will be mobilized through José María Morelos Avenue.

“We are in the environmental procedures. The environmentalists get a bit rude, but we explained to them that the stone is coming and apparently it is already understood,” he said adding that the new road used for the stone transportation will be improved afterward.

He says it will take around two months for them to transfer the porphyrite stone, which will be turned into ballast for the Maya Train tracks. Once that is done, the new road will be turned into a four lane highway that will run next to the existing José María Morelos highway.

The new road will have bike paths, underground wiring and, during construction, allow Aguakan to expand the water supply in the coastal zone. Lara Denigri estimated the investment to be around 100 million pesos which will be 100 percent federal resources.

More than 200,000 tons of stone is expected. Lara Denigris explained that the stone will be received at the Puerto Morelos dock and transferred by truck to a crusher located on the Ruta de los Cenotes. There, it will be turned into ballast and then distributed to sections 5, 6 and 7 of the Maya Train, which runs from Cancun to Bacalar.