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Government submits proposal to regulate online tourism sector

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — The Government of Quintana Roo has submitted a proposal that will see a state tourism registry created to include online accommodations.

On Wednesday, Governor Mara Lezama announced the regulation of digital platforms through a reform initiative to register and regulate tourist service platforms, mainly lodging, lodgers and hosts, tourist guides and travel agencies.

“We will have a state tourism registry that will include digital platform service providers which guarantees the order and safety of those who come to visit us,” she said.

“They have the guarantee that these providers will be more trained and will have the measures necessary for a safe stay in this leading and transformative destination,” Lezama reported.

She says two reform initiatives were presented to the Congress of Quintana Roo, one to the Organic Law of Public Administration and the second to the Tourism Law in three aspects.

Those three aspects include security, tourism regulation and sustainable and community tourism to have a registry of digital platforms and promote the fight against human trafficking.

“This will allow digital platforms to be regulated and implement a necessary policy to take care of the integrity of tourists and visitors, combat criminal phenomena that threaten girls, boys and adolescents, as well as promote the sustainability and sustainability of tourist activity in the entity,” she said in a statement.

She says the initiative will allow strengthening the powers of the Ministry of Tourism in order to collaborate with the governing bodies in the matter to implement within the scope of their competence, all actions and strategies that allow preventing, eradicating and combating human trafficking in the tourism sector.

In addition, principles are incorporated under which tourism activity will be governed, especially assistance to tourists since it establishes both the attention and the creation of the Support Fund for Tourists, Visitors and Tourist Service Providers in Emergency Situations, Disasters and Contingency.

Among other measures, a tourism security table will be created as a permanent intersectoral body for consultation, advice, analysis, collaboration and coordination of prevention tasks in terms of security, protection and attention to tourists and visitors, national or foreign.

In terms of sustainable and community tourism, it will provide powers to SEDETUR so that, in coordination with the authorities in the matter, promote the conservation, improvement, protection, promotion and sustainable use of natural and cultural resources through tourism activity.

With the representation of Governor Mara Lezama, Secretary of Government Cristina Torres delivered the reform initiative to the Party Official of the XVII Legislature of the State Congress.