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Government says food vouchers, extra vacation days to compensate state health care workers

Chetumal, Q.R. — The government of Quintana Roo says that a bonus via food vouchers will be given to the more than 6,800 state health care workers. In a press release, the government said with regard to the demonstrations of health personnel in different cities of the state, “we inform society that a working table was formed with the union representatives of Section 45 of the National Union of the Ministry of Health, representatives of the State Services of Health and the Secretary of State Government.”

Officials have agreed that on January 25, 2021, a bonus in food vouchers will be delivered to 6,810 workers of the State Health Services who were active outside of Circular 23 issued by the agency. And as a complement, an additional vacation period (per person) was agreed above and beyond the regular vacation period.

All beneficiaries are part of the medical, paramedical, first level nursing, administrative, admission, related, statistics, stomatology, pharmacy, imaging, inhalation therapy, laboratory, nutrition, state programs, psychology, auxiliary technicians, therapists, social work areas and sanitary verification areas of health care.

The state added that “this bonus will be of an extraordinary nature and will not be part of the salary or benefits established by law.”