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Government announces masks in Nuevo León now mandatory

Monterrey, Nuevo León — The secretary of Health of Nuevo León says that it is now mandatory for residents going outside to wear face masks. The announcement came from the Secretario de Salud de Nuevo León Manuel de la O Cavazos, who stated that although the population should remain at home, those going out for groceries or work must be masked.

The government of Nuevo León ordered the use of face masks for the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) on Tuesday.

“We are going to implement the use of mouth covers on a mandatory basis, that way we are not going to infect our friends, our family and they are not going to infect us. We are going to implement it now,” stated the Secretary of Health.

“Things change day-by-day so we are increasing the actions that we are going to implement to make this work, but the people have to help us. The government cannot do it alone. We are going to utilize the law so that Nuevo León sets the example and so that Nuevo León is the state with the fewest deaths,” he stressed.

The state official clarified that the N95 mouthpiece is for medical use so the population must do their part by using cloth mouth covers, noting that “the official recommendation is to use cloth mouth covers.”

In the state of Nuevo León, health officials reported 158 confirmed cases with 25 of the infected people being hospitalized. They still have 37 suspected cases. He added that among the people who are on the list of suspected cases, there are three minors, one of 10 months, one of 2 years and another of 8 years.