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Fourth suspect to stand trial in Felipe Carrillo Puerto kidnapping case

Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Q.R. — José “P” is the fourth person to be charged in a Felipe Carrillo Puerto kidnapping case. In a statement, the State Attorney General’s Office reported that José “P” will stand trial for kidnapping “committed by individuals to the detriment of a male victim of reserved identity.

“With him, there are four people subject to proceedings for the same case.”

The state agency said that on October 5, 2022, the defendant, in the company of others, subdued and forced him into a vehicle, taking him to an unknown location. The kidnapping vehicle was escorted by a second unit.

The kidnapping happened in the municipality of Felipe Carrillo Puerto. The victim lived and was able to file a formal complaint which has lead to the detainment of the four suspects who remain in custody.

The trial for José “P” is set to begin in two months. The Attorney General also said that José “P” is being investigated for robbery.

Three others, Gilberto “H”, José “S” and Uriel “C”, were arrested in March of this year and charged in the same case. All four remain in the Chetumal Social Reintegration Center.