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Four squatters being held for illegally invading Akumal land

Tulum, Q.R. — The Attorney General of the State of Quintana Roo reports four people arrested in Akumal for re-entering closed property have been found in violation. A Tulum judge has found all four connected to the crime of aggravated dispossession and breaking of seals to the detriment of the Agencia de Proyectos Estratégicos del Estado de Quintana Roo (AGEPRO).

The Public Ministry reports the arrest of Irving S, Josué S, Edgar A and Manuel Y after they were found on property from which they were recently evicted. On June 15, a group of squatters were peacefully evicted from claiming that land, however, four of them returned June 22, breaking the federal seals and illegally re-entering the Akumal property.

Police investigations say the four were found on the property and threatened the officer guarding the land, with a machete. It was this threat that lead police to arrest the four squatters, who are being held until their trial.