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Four month old rescued coyote pup doing well say her caretakers

Mexico City, Mexico — The Secretariat of the Environment of Mexico City, through the General Directorate of Zoos and Conservation of Wild Fauna, reports a rescued coyote pup is doing well.

The female coyote, who is approximately four months old, was rescued by the Animal Surveillance Brigade of the Secretary of Citizen Security last week and taken to the Los Coyotes Zoo where she is reported to be in good condition and regaining weight.

The coyote pup is reported to be very active, stable, showing good health and gaining weight since its arrival. Her caretakers at the zoo says she currently weighs a little over 4 kilograms.

After her initial veterinarian check, she has been provided with a balanced diet formulated by nutritionists consisting of chicken and vitamin supplements as well as quail meat once a week.

Like all the specimens that live in the zoos of Mexico City under human care, the female coyote receives environmental enrichment which consists of a series of activities according to the species, age, physiological state, diet, shelter and conduct.

This specimen is provided with objects to chew on that allow it to exercise its jaw and clean its teeth, as well as spheres or cardboard balls with tenebrios (meal beetle worms) inside for her to consume and enjoy little by little. This has allowed her to remain active and showing normal behavior in relation to the species.

The coyote specimen will remain under observation during this quarantine period in order to continue its monitoring to ensure its health and well-being at all times. The coyote pup was recently rescued from the illegal trafficking of wild species.