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Former officer part of arrests made in ongoing combi robberies

Tlalnepantla, State of Mexico — After ongoing complaints of combi robberies, officials in Tlalnepantla sent undercover officers to ride the public transit. In doing so, two people were arrested.

The pair were detained by the undercover officers Tuesday evening when the van stopped for a pickup on César Sánchez Hormiguero Street. During the stop, one young man got on, which is when the armed pair appeared at the van’s open door and began demanding valuables from the passengers.

“Telephones!” one was heard shouting at the nearly 20 people inside.

Two plain-clothed officers from inside the van quickly got up and headed out the door to confront the armed robbers who fled. They are reported to have fired at the two officers during their attempt to get away.

According to Public Security of Tlalnepantla, the undercover officers were successful in arresting 42-year-old César N who is reportedly a former police officer from Nezahualcóyotl along with his 18-year-old accomplice, Ian N.

“Intelligence and investigation work in the field allowed the monitoring, locating and the subsequent arrest of those who said they were called Ian Alfonso “N” and Julio César “N”, 18 and 42 years old, respectively,” the police agency reported.

The arresting officers were part of the city’s Special Operations Group who carried out the undercover work due to ongoing violent, armed public transport robberies in that area.