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Figures show more than 5 million international air tourists to Mexico in first three months

Cancun, Q.R. — Already this year, more than five million international tourists have landed in Mexico. Miguel Torruco, the Secretary of Tourism of the Government of Mexico, reported that from January to March of 2022, Mexico has counted 5,022,000 international air tourists, an increase of 138.5 percent over the same period last year.

The main originating countries for these international visitors, he says, are travelers landing in Mexico from the U.S., Canada and Colombia. He pointed out the Cancun International Airport as the busiest followed by Mexico City and Los Cabos with these three airports receiving more than 3.8 million of the 5 million international visitors.

He detailed that of the arriving numbers, 3.1 million were Americans, an increase of 101.2 percent over 2021. Canadian arrivals were counted at 510,811, an increase of 1,445.7 percent over last year, but still 51 percent lower than 2019 figures due to the country’s lengthy covid-19 travel restrictions. More than 185,000 tourists from Colombia have also visited Mexico already this year, an increase of 216.8 percent over last year and a 51.9 percent increase over 2019 travel figures.

Torruco said that Cancun, AICM and Los Cabos receive the largest number of international tourists, and only has 5.0 percent to go to reach 2019 figures.

Earlier this week, Miguel Torruco announced a reform to Article 35 of the Migration Law that saw digital INM kiosks in these three airports finally activated after sitting dormant for four years. Their activation will help ease lines for travelers.