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Fight over parking ticket gets fake National Guard charged with usurpation of functions

Puebla, Mexico — A uniformed National Guard videoed physically assaulting a Puebla traffic police officer has been charged. The unidentified man seen outfitted in a full National Guard uniform was videoed in the physical altercation with the traffic officer after he was issued a ticket for parking on a sidewalk.

The video, which went viral, shows the two arguing when the National Guard suddenly hits the traffic officer. The several minute long video shows the two arguing over the ticket with the Guard repeatably trying to return to his car to flee. However, he was held while his partner requested assistance.

An official complaint was filed by Puebla authorities after a review of the situation revealed that the uniformed National Guard was not from the National Guard. He was relieved of his duties in June of 2021.

He has since been charged with usurpation of functions.

In a brief statement, the National Guard stated that “the subject is not an active member of the corporation, since he was discharged in June 2021.”