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FGE to integrate Solidaridad police into state security strategy

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The Attorney General of the state says that they are working to integrate the Solidaridad Police into the state security strategy because the last administration refused to collaborate and coordinate with federal and state forces.

The foregoing after acknowledging the “null participation of the municipal police opened spaces of impunity and generated an alarming growth in illicit activities on Fifth Avenue,” in September.

He says now with the new administration, that coordination will be easier to guarantee security in the municipality.

“Now, we are going to have the municipal police with the change. I have had meetings with the new mayor and she is in the best disposition to involve and bring to order the police who did not want to collaborate or coordinate, not only with state authorities.”

“They did not want to coordinate with the military authorities or with the navy. There is confidence in the police, but in their managers, maybe not,” he said.

The attorney general also spoke of the need to work to improve public perception after being questioned about the homicide figures, which apparently do not coincide with the figures registered with the prosecution. Oscar Montes de Oca acknowledged that 9 out of 10 homicides in Quintana Roo are related to drug dealing.

Montes de Oca confirmed that they will continue with coordinated operations to free all public beaches in the state, recognizing that much remains to be done to evict those who have illegally seized these areas.