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Lack of Playa del Carmen police participation reason for “alarming growth in illegal activities”

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. –Oscar Montes de Oca says that the null participation of the municipal police in Playa del Carmen has opened spaces of impunity and generated an alarming growth in illegal activities along Fifth Avenue. He said it is for this reason coordinated operations have been carried out.

Twice during the month of September, coordinated operations have resulted in numerous arrests from the city center. On September 12, 26 people were removed from the Fifth Avenue on drug-related crimes, mostly for selling to tourists. One of those arrested was found with an outstanding warrant for double homicide.

On September 25, a second coordinated operation resulted in another 12 people being taken into custody, one of which, was a minor. All 12 were removed from central Playa del Carmen areas in three separate operations that involved state and military police.

The Attorney General of the state, Oscar Montes de Oca, says the operations were carried out to prevent area merchants from continuing to be victims of extortion. He pointed out that Solidaridad municipal police have not been included in any of the coordinated operations along Fifth Avenue.

“Fifth Avenue had become a place where drugs were offered, money was being extorted and floor fees were being charged, and the illegal activities that were being committed were very alarming. The null participation of the municipal police opens these spaces of impunity, so we had to act,” he said.

Recognizing that there is fear in Playa del Carmen businessmen to report these illegal acts, he said that an agreement was signed with business organizations to create new safer reporting mechanism so that victims can report the illegal activity without fear of retaliation.